Given the cost effectiveness of microprocessors and microcontrollers these days, almost everything needs some level of software to operate. Our software development services are available to support our customers’ product development strategies.

We utilize traditional and non-traditional software development methodologies to support development of embedded firmware using a variety of languages and target platforms. Regardless of the model, language, and target platform, we use a standardized approach of specification, design, implementation, debug, and validation to ensure full product functionality to customer specification.

Our software engineering services are often provided in conjunction with hardware development services to provide a complete end-to-end solution. Our experience in a wide range of toolsets and platforms allow for rapid development cycles, thereby minimizing your time-to-market.

Software services available are:

  • Software Specification Development
  • Custom Bootloaders
  • RTOS, Embedded Linux, Custom Process Schedulers
  • Kernel Divers
  • Full Application Development
    • Assembly
    • C,C++,C#
    • VB
    • .NET
    • MISRA or DO-178B/C Compliance

Toolsets utilized include:

  • IAR
  • TI Code Composer
  • MicroE
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

We have extensive experience with Atmel AVR, Microchip PIC, STM8/32, TMS320, x86, ARM, Xilinx CPLD / FPGA, and many other hardware platforms.