Electronic Design

Our design philosophy is that in any product design, the simplest solution is typically the best. Sometimes keeping it simple requires a moment of inspired genius. This doesn't always come easily, but will typically yield the best value proposition for your product and also be the most reliable.

We are, at our core, a company of engineering professionals ignited by the passion of an ever evolving world of technology. From the early days of the 8-bit PC through to modern day multi-processor based systems, we have supported our customers need for integration of technologies in to an ever broadening market.

Our past successes across many different industry segments enable us to make appropriate systems architecture choices to meet product requirements. We have systems design expertise in the following areas:

  • Analog and Digital Circuit Design
  • Linear and Switchmode Power Supply Design
  • Motion Control Products
  • Video Display/Manipulation/Recording Products
  • Short Range Wireless Communication
  • Microcontroller or Microprocessor Based System Design
    • Atmel AVR 8 and 32 Bit Family
    • Microchip 8/16/32 Bit PIC
    • ST Micro STM8 / STM32
    • Various 8051 Family variants
    • x86 Variant based systems
    • Many others...
  • DSP Based System Design
    • TI TMS320 Family
    • Analog Devices ADSP and SHARC
    • Microchip 32 Bit dsPIC
  • RF Data/Communcations
    • SiLabs EzRadio ISM Band
    • CSR Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
    • Sierra Wireless
  • CPLD/FPGA Based System Design
    • Xilinx CPLD, Spartan, Virtex, Zyng
    • Altera Flex, MAX, Cyclone, Stratix
  • Various system bus interfaces
    • PC104, ISA, PCI, PCIe, Stratix
  • Data Interfaces
    • USB 1/2/3
    • SATA
    • High Speed Memories DDR2/3, GDDR
    • 10/100/1G Ethernet
    • Serial RS-232/422/485
    • 4-20mA Current Loop