Material Logistics

Material Logistics to a lot of Contract Manufacturers means ordering parts and delivering goods. We’re not comfortable with such a narrow view. Components become obsolete, have availability problems, and often need to be changed as newer solutions or less expensive options become available. At Malibu Technologies, we know our parts, and we’re ready to lend you our experience.

We have longstanding relationships with vendors and distributors of not just electronic components. Metal fabricators, Mechanical Hardware suppliers, Coatings specialists, Wire and Cable Vendors are just some of the resources we have available. Our relationships and purchasing power often allow us to source components in less than stated lead-times – especially important for Prototype and NPI Assembly.

Need some assistance finding replacements for obsolete components? We’ve got the engineering resources to help. From Diodes and Capacitors to Relays, Transformers and Enclosures – we’ve successfully solved part obsolesce issues thousands of times. In rare cases where there is absolutely no replacement available, our engineering team will be happy to discuss modifications that will allow your product to live on.

Situations arise where components are not immediately available. Before informing our customers of unavailable components for a scheduled build, our Engineering team will attempt to determine acceptable alternates. When you are contacted, these replacements will be suggested. This saves you time and reduces the delay associated with unavailable or long-lead-time parts.

When you provide or approve a Bill of Material, you can trust that we will procure the exact parts that are on it. Our custom ERP Solution enforces AVL Compliance. Upon arrival at our facility, every part is received using our own custom application that confirms it is the exact part that you requested and that we ordered. Details such as Manufacturer Lot Number and Date code are recorded if they are provided, and a photo is captured of the material being received.

We can also manage customer supplied inventory. From the beginning, our ERP System was designed with Customer supplied parts in mind. More than a few of our current customers have commented that we manage their inventory better than they do! Inventory that you provide will be assigned unique part numbers and will only be available for your products. Our system enforces 0% cross-contamination of customer inventory, and your parts will never be used to build another customer’s product. Real-Time Inventory reports can be provided to you and it takes only seconds for us to determine shortages for upcoming scheduled or forecasted builds.

Our custom ERP System takes Material Logistics even further! End-to-End component traceability was one of the cornerstones to its implementation. Need to know which Manufacturer, Part Number and Lot Number a particular capacitor on a particular PCBA was? No problem! we’ve got the information, and can even show you a photograph of the material when it was received. A component manufacturer just issued a recall on a lot of diodes and you need to know what your exposure is? We can give you a list of every assembly that was built using that lot of diodes. Ask us to demonstrate our traceability system – we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Material Logistics Capabilities

  • Customer B.O.M and AVL Control
  • Extensive sourcing relationships
  • ERP Planning, Forecasting and Reporting – even for Customer Supplied Inventory
  • Real Time Inventory control and visibility
  • Full End-to-End Component level traceability