Low Volume

Have other Contract Manufacturers seemed uninterested or even outright unwilling to assemble your product because of its low volume? Welcome to Malibu Technologies. We’re different, and we’re ready to help you with your assembly needs no matter how large or small the volume. We designed our processes, selected our equipment and streamlined our systems so that we could respond quickly and efficiently manufacture your products whether your need is for 1 or 1 Million.

At Malibu Technologies, Low volume doesn’t mean low quality. Every product we build is processed using our proven systems. Your low volume product will receive the same Engineering Review, Documentation, Production Release, Manufacturing Setup, Build Process and End-to-end traceability as a product that we build thousands or tens of thousands of.

Using our proven processes for low volume production means that Malibu Technologies gets it right the first time. You can spend time developing your customers, designing your products, and not be concerned with debugging the manufacturing process. Since we use the same process for low, medium and high volume products, should your product suddenly require a higher volume build, we can respond quickly to your need. The assembly process will not change, and no unexpected results from differing manufacturing technique will compromise your product’s functionality or quality.

Low volume production is not low priority to us. One of our core services is low volume production, and we don’t prioritize according to volume. At Malibu Technologies, we’ll give your low volume product that attention it deserves.

Low volume advantages

  • Same manufacturing processes and documentation for low, medium and high-volume products
  • Low volume doesn’t equate to low quality
  • Support of low-volume products as well as DV/PV
  • No manufacturing process changes if your volume increases or decreases
  • Low volume isn’t low priority