Quality: What an understated word. It’s a simple term, but it is perhaps the most important thing a company has to offer. QS, AS, ISO – these are the types of references that are usually made when talking about quality. We believe that our quality is more than a system and much more than a certificate on our wall – we have an edge because quality isn’t an afterthought. Rather than crafting our quality system around our processes, we craft our processes with quality.

Malibu Technologies was conceived and created with the goal of building Aerospace Equipment. Our systems, our processes and our machinery were designed and sourced to meet that ambitious goal. Every decision was made with the consideration that lives would be at risk if the products we produced were ever to fail.

We knew we needed a robust Manufacturing Execution System (MES). We looked at systems from big names and small, but were unable to find any that suited our needs and had the same focus on quality that we did. Instead of settling, we invested thousands of hours to customize and extend a system to fit our demanding requirements.

Machinery and equipment is chosen based on performance and acceptance criteria that we define. Any equipment that can’t perform to our rigorous specifications is not even considered. We’ve rejected equipment from multiple vendors because they couldn’t meet our requirements. SMD Placement equipment from numerous vendors has been tested for accuracy, repeatability and component traceability. SPI Vendors have been presented with specially designed test boards for Gage R&R testing before their products are given any consideration. AOI Vendors have been given specially designed “known good” and “known bad” samples to validate their equipment – surprisingly few have passed our tests. All of this testing and validation assures we are using the best systems and equipment available to meet our goals.

The best systems, the best equipment, verification, validation – it’s all meaningless if the people who execute don’t have the skills required, don’t follow the process, or don’t believe in quality. People are our biggest investment, and we employ quality people. We maintain a training and development skill matrix that guarantees no-one is performing an operation that they are not trained and certified to do. This matrix is tied directly to our MES system, assuring us that the best people are using the best machinery to make the best product. Whether a single piece prototype or a 100k piece production order, no step is shortcut. We don’t just inspect quality into our products, we build it in.

Quality Points:

  • Employees who believe in quality
  • Systems, processes and equipment designed and sourced with Aerospace level quality in mind
  • Equipment validated, studied and tested before purchase
  • Custom test boards confirm that our equipment is always performing as it should
  • Employee Training and Development Methodology
  • Standardized documentation for every process
  • Automated process monitors for manual operations (Crimp Force Monitor, Cable Testing, etc)
  • Electronic Assembly to IPC-610E Class 2 and 3, J-STD-001E Standard and more