Just about any electronics manufacturer can do PCB assembly, but at Malibu Technologies our state of the art equipment helps maximize automation, increase speed, accuracy, and repeatability, with very fast setup times. We offer the latest state of the art SMD line of equipment and gives us the ability to have a 100% success rate through our un-paralleled inspection process and 100% traceability throughout the entire assembly process.

Our PCB Stacker/Un-Stacker and Solder Paste application equipment limits the handling and damage of parts. While most studies show that 90% of defects are caused by errors in solder paste application, Malibu’s 100% inspection prevents those errors because we have 100% traceability that allows for solder paste application to be reviewed to determine if the solder paste application was the cause of any product failure.

SMD Placement and Matrix Tray Feeder allows the most flexibility in NPI and Production speeds once again all with 100% traceability in component placement. Our Intelligent feeder prevent setup errors and allow traceability, and Visual alignment prevents any components from being damaged.

We specialize in engineering prototypes, low and medium volume production runs, turnkey production with 100% testing throughout the assembly, surface mount and through-hole assemblies and are simply your single resource for all your quick-turn electronic assembly services.

Our PCB Assembly capabilities include:

  • PCB Stacker/Un-Stacker Allows hands free operation of the SMD line limiting handling and damage of the Bare and loaded PCBs
  • Solder Paste Application for hand free application with controlled speed and pressure of squeegee head
  • Controlled separation speeds allows fine pitch apertures to release well for boards up to 18" x 24" to be printed
  • Solder Paste Inspection Allows 100% Inspection of Solder Paste Application; Measure Pad Offset, X, Y, Height (Volume), Area
  • SMD Placement permits the most flexibility in NPI and Production speeds with 100% traceability in component placement
  • Intelligent feeder prevents setup errors and allow traceability
  • Visual alignment prevents component damage
  • SMD Placement with Matrix Tray Feeder has the most flexibility in NPI and Production speeds, 100% traceability in component placement
  • Multi Trays feeder allows multi part numbers in trays to be run on one setup
  • Reflow Oven Allows for good temperature control using the 7 zone
  • Air or Nitrogen can be used as required
  • Rails and Mesh conveyor allows different product to be run on the oven