Malibu Execution System

From the beginning, we knew that we needed a robust and flexible Manufacturing Execution System (MES). We looked at packaged solutions from big vendors and small, but nothing matched our needs. Boxed systems were too broad for our business, lacked a focus on quality and weren’t flexible enough to grow with us. Instead of settling, we’ve invested thousands of hours to customize and develop a system to fit our specific and demanding requirements.

A product begins with a Bill of Material in our ERP System. The BOM is matched and controlled to your approved list of components and vendors – our system doesn’t allow any deviation from your specification. From the BOM, a Manufacturing Router is created in our MES System. Changes to the BOM are automatically synchronized to the router. The Manufacturing Router is a sequence of steps that define the assembly process of your product. Each sequence defines a process and a subset of the Bill of Material parts assigned to that process. Equipment is allocated to these steps for scheduling, and employees, based upon their training, are approved and assigned to complete the sequence. Documentation and instructions are created for each step, and may be our standard instruction for that process or may include special instructions based upon the assembly.

Our MES System tracks the process of your product through its router sequence. The employee who completed the step, it’s begin and end time and components used are recorded. Inventory is adjusted in real time as components are consumed allowing us an up to the minute view of inventory levels and build status.

Our MES is more than a Manufacturing Execution System – it’s a Malibu Execution System. Every operation, every component, every piece of equipment and every employee is a part of our system. Missed operations and short-cuts are completely prevented as the MES will not allow a step to be started until all previous steps are completed. Incorrect components are not mistakenly installed as the MES will not allow them to be used to complete a sequence. Historical build data is always available, and full build reports showing the exact components used and processes completed can be provided and reviewed at any time. The Malibu Execution System allows us to consistently produce a quality product whether we are manufacturing 1 Piece or 1 Million.

Malibu Execution System Highlights

  • ERP and MES Fully Integrated
  • Guarantees BOM and AVL Control
  • Real-Time Visibility of Assembly Build Status
  • Real-Time Inventory Control
  • 100% Component Level Traceability
  • 100% Process and Personnel Traceability
  • Prevents Short Cuts and Missed Operations
  • Guarantees Employees who are completing a step have the proper training to do so
  • Ability to dynamically add process steps to meet changing customer requirements