Full Product Manufacturing

End products are often more than a circuit board. Does your product require an enclosure, some wiring and a label? Perhaps you’ve considered integrating flexible circuits for increased product reliability and reduced maintenance costs? We can help you with all of it. Most contract manufacturers refer to this service as a Box Build – we call it Full Product Manufacturing. Whether your product is at the conceptual stage, is already fully designed, or simply requires some modifications and refinements, we have the experience and the capabilities to assist you.

Full Product Manufacturing can be as simple as a PCBA in an off the shelf enclosure, or as complex as multiple PCBAs, sophisticated wiring and flexible interconnect in a fully custom metal or plastic enclosure. We’ve helped our customers with designs from one end of this spectrum to the other. We have extensive experience designing manufacturable sheet-metal, machined and molded enclosures. Our tools and our history give us the ability to get it right the first time so that there are no surprises during assembly. We have the in-house capability to fabricate tooling and fixtures for use in the manufacturing process.

For us, Full Product Manufacturing doesn’t stop at assembly. Product level testing and validation is also a component. If you have a test specification for your product, we’ll be happy to test to its criteria. Don’t have a test and validation specification? Our engineering team will be happy to help you develop one. Full coverage test is one of the best ways to guarantee customer satisfaction with your product. We have the expertise and equipment to test and validate a wide range of components from cellular and GPS radios right through 2000 Amp power supplies. Need environmental testing? We can test, validate or calibrate your equipment in our Thermal/Humidity chambers from -70C to 200C or even higher.

We’re proud of our ability to produce finished and tested product to our customers, and we’re confident that you’ll appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of dealing with a single vendor. Interested in having us ship your product directly to your customers? Ask us about our Direct Shipment Program (DSP).

Full Product Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Off the shelf, Bent, Machined, Casted or Molded Enclosure Design and Procurement
  • Wire and Harness Fabrication
  • Flexible Circuit Design and Fabrication
  • Final Product Assembly
  • Final Product Calibration, Test and Validation
  • Engineering Services to assist with all types of product design
  • Dedicated work cells for final assembly
  • Inventory Tracking, even for materials that you may provide