Cable & Harness Assembly

Cables and harnesses range from very simple to very complex. We have experience with them all. We understand that the cables and harnesses that tie your system together are every bit as critical to its functionality as the assemblies they interconnect. We’ve built cables for automotive, aftermarket, aerospace, military, industrial controls, consumer electronics and more. Whether you need harnesses with two conductors or two hundred, we’ve got the understanding, we’ve got the tools and we’ll get it right the first time.

Fabricating cables is a largely human process, but we’ve invested heavily in tools to automate as much as possible. Wire cutting, jacket removal, wire stripping and terminal crimping are just some of the operations that can be performed by our leading edge machinery. This automation guarantees repeatability, increases quality and lowers the end cost. Where necessary, we employ the best in hand and semi-automated crimpers from Daniels, Molex and other respected manufacturers.

We don’t just talk about our cables and harnesses being top quality – we can prove it! We utilize a Cirris Signature Touch 1 cable scanner to verify that each cable has been built correctly. The Signature Touch 1 is so sensitive, it can detect a single conductor missing from the crimp of a stranded wire. Our cable scanner is even able to confirm that twisted pairs are twisted to specification. Upon request, a test report can be provided with each cable or harness.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cables and Harnesses fabricated from PVC, TXL/GXL/SXL, PTFE, ETFE, FEP, PFA, Kapton, Fiberglass, Silicone and many other jacket and insulation types
  • Stranded, Solid Core, Multi-Conductor, Multi-Pair, Coax and Thermocouple wire
  • Soldered and crimped terminations
  • Mechanical, chemical and thermal insulation stripping
  • Breakouts, splits, splices, even components within the harness
  • Fabrication in accordance with IPC-WHMA-A-620, multiple MIL Specifications or your own requirements
  • End to End test and verification, even for extremely complicated cables
  • We can help design and procure custom wire and cable as necessary
  • Familiarity with High-Temperature cables and LSZH requirements
  • Application of braid, shrink-tubing or loom
  • Wire and cable marking