Pulse Extender Module

Industrial Controls Customer

The Pulse Extender Module was designed for an industrial controls customer. The client originally engaged Malibu Technologies to design a module they could use to interface a new sensor to their existing test system. The particular new sensor operated in a different manner than their system could handle. The purpose of this module was to convert the signal from the new sensor to a format compatible with their existing test system by extending the duration of each pulse out of the sensor. Being a controls project, it needed to be packaged in a manner consistent with that industry, i.e. no open circuit boards that could be damaged. The images provided are the result of our full product realization cycle.

With regards to the disciplines this particular design utilized, it required Electrical Engineering of the circuitry, Printed Circuit Board Design to take the schematic and convert it in to manufacturable form, Mechanical Design for the enclosure / packaging, Software Engineering for the Micro-controller that controls the variable pulse length, and Validation Testing Services to make sure it conforms to the customer’s design criteria. We built prototype and production units for the customer.