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Malibu Technologies is a US based engineering, design, and manufacturing company in Southeastern Michigan. Our purpose is to leverage technology in all operational facets to satisfy our customer's needs. We provide high value and pro-actively solve problems through utilization of in house Engineering, Information Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing Processes.

Success in competitive markets demands agility, a capacity for rapid change and flexibility. Companies face the reality of ever-shorter cycles for the introduction of new products and services, as well as demand for faster and more flexible responses to customers. Utilization of our services allows you to reduce cycle times from product realization to production through elimination of multi-vendor communication and coordination. We utilize enterprise wide technology solutions based around industry leading technologies to integrate engineering, materials, and manufacturing into a seamless rapid response solution that agility demands.

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Malibu Technologies is a full-service electronic manufacturing services provider with extensive experience throughout the entire product realization cycle. Our in-house capabilities encompass engineering, design, manufacturing, and full product assembly services. Utilizing our full suite of services can both reduce time to market and ease workload required with management of multiple vendors. Download the Brochure